What is an ICO coin?

With more than 100 ICOs taking place every week, it seems the world is waking up to the value of ICO coins. In this article, we answer the question, what is an ICO coin? We also meet an innovative new example, pushing the boundaries of what an ICO coin can do.

The world of cryptocurrency can be a daunting one for the uninitiated. There’s so much jargon, acronyms and unimaginably long numbers to wade through, it’s hard to know where to start. More than 100 times a week, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) takes place, creating something called an ICO Coin. If you’re new to cryptocurrency, ICO coins can be an easy place to start, but what are they and how do they work? In this article, I aim to explain everything. I’ll also introduce you to a new ICO coin taking things to the next level, which you can get involved with today.

What is an ICO?

Let’s assume you know the basics of cryptocurrency and the blockchain, I don’t need to explain that. An ICO is what happens when a cryptocurrency is created. It disperses the cryptocurrency amongst its users and determines its starting value. It also raises funds for its creator.

When a cryptocurrency company decides to start up, it issues a whitepaper setting out all the details of the cryptocurrency and its coins. Details set out include:

  • How many ICO coins will be issued – There is always a finite number of ICO coins issued. If you could issue new coins at any time, it would mean the currency would depreciate in value.
  • How much the ICO coins will cost at the initial stage – You buy new ICO coins using hard currency, or other established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • How many ICO coins will be offered to the market, and how many will be kept by its creators – The creators raise money by keeping ICO coins back for themselves, which take on value.
  • Important dates – Certain stages when ICO coins can be bought before they’re put on the open market

If there is enough interest from the crypto industry, the ICO takes place. Once the ICO coins are distributed, they’re traded on the open market, and their value rises or falls like any other tradeable commodity.

Before an ICO takes place, coins are often given out to prominent people or companies in the crypto industry. This helps raise awareness for their coin and for the ICO, and creates a bit of extra value for their coin. This process is called Airdrop. The coins in this instance are often known as ‘tokens’.

In the real world, ICOs are similar to crowdfunding initiatives, like you’d find on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Startups often use ICOs to raise money from a variety of individual sources for their own projects.

People take part in ICOs as an investment opportunity, hoping that the coins value will rise once trading begins. However, they also buy coins to donate to startups they’re interested in.

An innovative new example of an ICO coin is the Rocket Coin, by the ICO Rocket. Let’s use that as example and delve deeper. What is it, how does it work, and where does it come from?

What is the Rocket Coin?

The Rocket Coin is a pioneering coin in cryptocurrency, one that people may look back on in many years’ time as the start of something big. To put it simply, it’s the world’s first coin that gives its holders new, different coins, every month, free of charge.

How does it work?

The way the Rocket Coin works is actually pretty simple. The Rocket Coin is actually a hybrid, combining the value of many different, separate coins into one, easy to use coin.

Remember how I explained about Airdrop earlier? When new coins created through an ICO are given away to people in the crypto industry to raise awareness and offer value? It’s called Airdrop as these tokens magically drop from the air, into your wallet!

Because they’re such prominent names in the crypto arena, holding all kinds of different coins in their portfolio themselves, the ICO Rocket are often beneficiaries of Airdrop. They receive Airdrops from their own ICO clients too.

Because the ICO Rocket is involved in the development of new digital currencies, and have an extensive ICO marketing network, they’re the ideal people to give samples to if you want to drum up some publicity.

However, while most investors who benefit from Airdrop keep their coins for themselves, the ICO Rocket has decided to distribute their Airdrop tokens amongst holders of the Rocket Coin. When you’re a holder of the Rocket Coin, every time there is a new ICO, the more your investment grows and you stand to benefit. It’s like investing in the future of the whole cryptocurrency industry.

Why is the Rocket Coin an exciting investment opportunity?

The Rocket Coin is causing a real buzz in the cryptocurrency community right now, for many reasons.

  • You receive all kinds of different tokens – Who knows which coin will be the next one to ignite? When you hold the Rocket Coin, you benefit whenever new ICOs happen through the ICO Rocket and their network. You receive many different types of coins, all with the possibility of going up in value.
  • It’s hassle-free – Many people are cautious about investing in crypto because they don’t know enough about it, and there’s a lot to learn. They’re also worried about shady operators in the crypto world. When you hold Rocket Coins, you get the benefit of the ICO Rocket’s years of experience in this arena. They’re very choosy about who they work with, and the due diligence they perform on their clients is unrivalled. The Rocket Coin allows investors to relax in the knowledge that they’re dealing with people they can trust.
  • You can have your say – The ICO Rocket are building a community of crypto enthusiasts through the Rocket Coin. They turn coin holders into decision-makers, offering a vote on what ICOs to work on next. There are over 100 coin offerings per week right now, so there are a lot to choose from! However, the research that the ICO Rocket carry out is second-to-none.

More facts about The Rocket Coin

There are a few more features to the Rocket Coin which make it an exciting opportunity, especially if it’s your first time dabbling in cryptocurrency.

  • 21 million coins – There will be 21 million Rocket Coins issued, which is a smallish number compared to some other coins. This helps keep the value as high as possible, playing off supply against demand.
  • Integrity is key – The ICO doesn’t allow the dumping of Rocket Coins. Additionally, in the unlikely event that coins go unallocated after the ICO, they will be burned. This means coins will be taken off the market and the number of Rocket Coins in existence will decrease. Finally, the ICO Rocket’s team coins are locked up for 6 months. These all help to maintain the value of the Rocket Coin.
  • Rocket Coins can be traded – After the ICO, the Rocket Coin will be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, just like any other coin. It will help grow the value of the Rocket Coin, and keep it front of mind for investors.
  • There are some big-name partners already involved – Ernst & Young are advising the ICO Rocket on accounting and audit for the Rocket Coin. SmartDec is working on the security aspect, and SecureVote on the community government side.

Who are the ICO Rocket?

The ICO Rocket are primarily ICO underwriters. They help with everything companies need if they want to initiate an ICO. This includes:

  • Due diligence
  • Drafting the whitepaper
  • Coding the smart contract and issuing tokens on the blockchain
  • Publicising the ICO in the crypto industry and beyond
  • Serving as the advisory board for the ICO
  • Listing coins on crypto exchanges after the ICO has taken place

The idea of ICO underwriting is to sort out the legitimate ICOs from the many shady crypto offerings out there. There are around 100 new cryptocurrencies issued a week, and many of them are not on the level. ICO underwriting offers a high level of research and due diligence, allowing investors to be confident in their portfolio.

The ICO Rocket also help with the technical side of initiating an ICO and help specialist crypto investors find the right ICOs for their portfolio.

The big news at the ICO Rocket, as well as the creation of the Rocket Coin is they have been chosen to work on the Crown Royale, the first cryptocurrency developed to commemorate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Crown Royale, officially approved by the Royal Family, gives investors the chance to celebrate the Royal Wedding, as well as give to good causes dear to the hearts of Harry and Meghan. This is a real honour for everyone at the ICO Rocket.

The ICO Rocket have had a number of successes since starting up in 2016.

  • Moonlite – The ICO Rocket helped raise $6 million at the pre-sale stage for Moonlite. The Moonlite coin was issued to fund a cryptocurrency mining facility in Iceland. It was even featured on BBC News.
  • SportyFi – The ICO for Sportyfi, a platform designed to connect young athletes and investors, was endorsed by Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos.
  • Tigereum – The ICO Rocket’s client is developing an app which allows you to send cryptocurrency inside an instant message. It could make sending crypto as simple as sending a WhatsApp message. The ICO Rocket raised 500ETH from their investors during the ICO presale.

The ICO Rocket was founded in 2016 by Shahar Namer. Shahar was an early investor in Bitcoin and a big name in the worlds of startups and investments. He also founded a London-based VC with the former CEO and Chairman of Warner Music. He also helps run accelerator programmes in 11 countries. Shahar and his band of investment experts, marketing gurus and tech geniuses are making big waves in the crypto industry. While they don’t guarantee success, success seems to be a result of them coming on board an ICO. When the ICO Rocket gets involved with an ICO, it lends legitimacy to it. It shows that this ICO is not a fly-by-night, that you’re not just caught up in the crypto hype.

You can see from some of the testimonials they’ve received that they do a valuable job for their clients.

“We engaged with The ICO Rocket to advise on our ICO, which closed successfully in late 2017. We found working with Shahar (CEO) and his team at The ICO Rocket a delight. Shahar always did what he said he would do, and he was available for us 24/7 in all time zones for months. Most importantly, Shahar delivered us 500ETH (worth US$0.5m) from his investors towards our ICO Presale. This unique ICO underwriting service gave us the kick-start we needed to get out the campaign rolling. The first money in is always the hardest. While everyone else in the industry was just talking and promising, Shahar and his team delivered the goods!” – Darren Olney-Fraser, CEO of Tigereum ICO, 03/01/2018

How you can get involved in the Rocket Coin

We’ve talked about ICOs, the ICO Rocket and their new Rocket Coin. You’re probably wondering how you can get involved in the Rocket Coin and join the community.

It couldn’t be easier. The process is really fast and simple. Simply click HERE (LINK) and you’ll find our joining portal.

You can buy Rocket Coins straight away, using ETH, BTC or Paypal. Simply send payment to our Smart Contract and you’ll immediately be the proud owner of the Rocket Coin.

If you’d like to find out more about The Rocket Coin, we’d recommend reading the whitepaper, which you can download HERE.

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