Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

When we speak about cryptocurrency investments in 2018, there are plenty of investment directions. But with all new ICOs, there are some obstacles here as well. Which of the many cryptocurrency options should someone choose? What criteria should be followed? What is the best cryptocurrency to invest?

We’re the team of ICO advisors and we’ve seen a lot of attempts and efforts from various businesses, but very few received recognition and acknowledgement. A lot of companies strive to create the best cryptocurrency to invest, but there are a lot of hurdles and hidden obstacles that often prevent companies from successfully initiating ICO. We know them all and we are here to lead the way. Our goal is to separate the legitimate ICOs from many false ones. We administer high-level research and due diligence, which benefits for investors.


How To Spot ICO Scams?

While nothing can compete with quality due diligence, knowing which red flags to look for to steer clear of scams or bad ICOs can be helpful, especially in 2018 where we have few hundred new ICOs per month.

Use case does not require blockchain

Not every venture needs a blockchain, and not everything needs to be decentralized. This might seem obvious, but with all the hype around blockchain technology and its disruptive potential, it can be easy to latch on to an idea the moment its whitepaper mentions a large industry the project is purportedly tackling. Even projects that require cryptocurrencies as payment could very well survive with existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. When evaluating an ICO, a good first question to ask is: “Do we need a blockchain or a native token for this project?” If the answer is “no” to both, chances are the ICO project is an example of solutionism, crypto for crypto’s sake, or a scam.

Empty repositories for open-source projects

If an ICO project is proposing open-source code, an empty or nonexistent GitHub is often a red flag. One of the key traits of many public blockchain projects is the fact that they are open-sourced. This means the code base is often uploaded to repositories like GitHub for all to examine. For those who have blockchain programming experience, looking through the published code can allow them to gauge a project’s validity. One of the most obvious red flags for a scam project is the lack of detail on how the technology works. For nontechnical investors, it can be helpful to simply check if a project has any existing files uploaded to public repositories or if a project has a functioning product. While Reddit is generally not an advisable source for investment advice, sub-threads dedicated to discussions of specific ICOs or crypto assets often offer a good entry point for the more technical evaluations.

Mining structure disproportionately favours development team

While not always an accurate litmus test for scams on their own, the supply schedule and mining structure of an ICO can be used to cross-reference other data points and validate the intention of the founders. In simple terms, a premise refers to when a portion of the tokens for a crypto project is made available to a small group prior to being made publicly available. At times, this can be a necessary vehicle to reward developers and early investors. However, if the percentage of total tokens supplied throughout the lifetime of the project reserved for a premise is high, there is a reason for concern. For instance, Paycoin, whose founder was found guilty of operating a $9 million fraud scheme, had the majority of their tokens reserved for developers on the project. Favouring the development team could be an indication that the team’s intent is to maximize their personal financial gain from the appreciation of the token, rather than maintain the viability of the blockchain network over time.

Anonymous team or team with weak experience

Understanding who is on the team behind a blockchain project is perhaps the most important step in your due diligence. Even if the premise of the venture and the addressable market seem attractive, one of the biggest determinants of a venture’s success is the makeup of the team behind it. It is often a red flag if the team behind an ICO does not have any named full-time developers. Additional caution should be taken if none of the leadership team has any domain knowledge in the specific vertical. When looking at a team and verifying their experience, airdrops like LinkedIn are useful. However, it’s important to note that they are not infallible, as profiles can be faked. If members of the team claim prior association with universities or companies, double-checking with reputable third-party sources can provide the facts. ICOs often list their advisors on their websites. You should also verify whether the advisors are legitimate.

Insufficient information on website/whitepaper

If something seems like a scam, it probably is. When you are unsure whether a project is a scam, it is better to err on the side of caution. While it is possible that the lack of well-designed websites and detailed information for a crypto project is because the project is still in its infancy, it can be hard to determine whether a project is underdeveloped or a scam. In many cases, they can be both. In those cases, interested investors can either wait for more information (such as in the case of Asia-based ICOs, where information is only translated into English later on in the project), or simply avoid ICOs they do not fully understand. Another crucial source of information for all ICOs is the whitepaper, the document that outlines the mission, technical details, team and other crucial details behind the venture. While the amateur investor may not have the technical background to fully understand every aspect of a whitepaper, general understanding of blockchain concepts is a must when evaluating whitepapers. Some more legitimate projects (like Ethereum) offer a high-level whitepaper outlining the key points of the venture, alongside a detailed technical document that explains the technology behind the project.

No clear roadmap

Typically, ICO projects list their funding and development goals on a clear timeline for investors to see. The lack of a clear roadmap could indicate that the developing team has no long-term plan for the project, and as such is likely to be motivated solely by short-term financial gain. Paired with a large premise reserved for the developing team, this could be a strong indicator that an ICO project is not to be trusted with your money. Often, ICO projects will have dedicated Slack or Telegram channels that the public can join. Through periodic updates distributed on these channels, potential investors can get a sense of how the project is developing. However, malicious scammers can easily create a timeline out of thin air or provide fake updates on chat apps. While the lack of a timeline is certainly a red flag, the existence of one is not a wholly sufficient condition to indicate the legitimacy of an ICO project.


Cryptocurrency investment problems and solutions

The crypto and token markets have emerged much faster than anyone could predict. Their great success was driven by the popularity of the blockchain technology and convenient yet modern way to invest. Investors began to search fiercely for the best cryptocurrency to invest, but some parts of such ecosystem could not evolve as fast as its growth and demand. One of the biggest problems is that the success of ICO projects was not only sought after by talented and experienced entrepreneurs, but also by those looking for one-day successes and frauds. With more than 400 coin offerings are being launched on the market every month, investors in 2018 find it hard to differentiate and understand what could be the best cryptocurrency to invest. Here are some of the problems and how we solve them:

  • How to avoid fraud and find the best cryptocurrency to invest? An experienced The ICO Rocket team conducts research on new coin offerings. These studies help to uncover, understand and correctly evaluate the new ICOs that shows up on the market. Our program for investors is one of the most reliable in the world, so they can rely on our reports and research findings to make reasonable decisions.
  • The access to the desired ICO is sometimes very difficult. Even if the investor finds in his opinion the best cryptocurrency to invest, he would not necessarily be able to buy the desired coins. Frequently, there are problems purchasing wanted coins due to low transparency and uncertainty. Moreover, if a particular ICO receives a lot of attention, it usually gets sold out before the actual coin offering takes place. Thanks to our pre-booked coins from various ICOs, we give our investors a guaranteed access to their wished coins each month with the help of our Airdrop. In this way, they can be sure that they will be supported with the best cryptocurrency to invest every time.
  • The application and participation in the new ICO are often complicated. Different ICOs have different registration procedures as well as coin management and exchange. To purchase the best cryptocurrency to invest, an investor has to do a lot of research to be able to manage all parts of the system. For this reason, ICO Rocket includes full management of ICO purchasing and exchange processes. This feature allows investors to save plenty of time and money while still allowing them to participate in the market. Having this help from our team, investors no longer have to study complicated purchase and coin exchange procedures. We will find the best cryptocurrency to invest for them.


The Coin of ICO Advisors

To make it easier to choose the best cryptocurrency investment, we‘ve created the world’s first coin to issue new ICO coins every month. As we have the experience to choose the right ICOs, we‘ve decided to share quality cryptocurrency with the community. The more ICO projects we implement, the more coins we issue for The Rocket Coin holders. The more coins we are able to issue, the higher the return on investment. The Rocket Coin is a hybrid coin made from many coins with different values. In combination with other coins, the Rocket Coin is unique and is positioned as the best cryptocurrency to invest.

How does it work?

ICO Rocket is part of the process of creating new digital currencies and has an endless ICO marketing network. This creates favourable conditions for increasing the market presence of new tokens and becoming the best cryptocurrency to invest. However, as long as most investors buy coins for themselves, ICO Rocket distributes Airdrop tokens among Rocket Coin holders. If you are one of the Rocket Coin holders, every time we have a new ICO, your investment grows. It’s like investing in the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

The ICO Rocket works together with other cryptocurrency community members. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of experience in this field, so our customers reserve a large amount of their coins, which we then distribute among Rocket Coin holders. In short, the Rocket Coin is the world’s first digital coin that constantly distributes new, different tokens each month, allowing investors to receive a return of investment.

Why it‘s a good investment?

There are a number of reasons why Rocket Coin triggers so much attention on the ICO market. Here we list few of them:

  • Unlimited access. Buyers are not limited to one token, they are enabled to handle different tokens. Nobody really knows what’s the best cryptocurrency to invest and which of the ICOs are going to be most successful. Everyone who has acquired The Rocket Coin are able to benefit from every new ICO which is approved by ICO Rocket and its network. This is a kind of risk reduction process, in which the possession of various tokens creates the right circumstances for getting an investment return. Each of the newly created ICO might just be the best cryptocurrency to invest, so the ICO Rocket team simplifies the search processes for investors and lets them earn from it.
  • Credibility. Most investors participating in any kind of ICO do not have enough time and right sources to study each new project if they are trusted enough. Most ICO developers are notorious, coming from the underground, and therefore lack of information often causes investors to question, which is the best cryptocurrency to invest. We have many years of experience in this field, so we carefully select only most reliable partners. Our platform allows investors to understand that we only work with entities that have high credibility.
  • Your voice matters. The ICO Rocket develops a crypto user community with the support of the Rocket Coin. Each holder of the Rocket Coin is a decision maker and therefore has the right to vote which ICO project should be selected. Each week more than 100 ICO‘s appear on the board, so the choice is really very high and the decision might be difficult.
  • Decentralization. The Rocket coin is developed in accordance with the technology of decentralization. This ensures its credibility and independence in the long term. The blockchain technology ignites the decentralization process to enable users interact directly. This eliminates any mediation fees and speeds up payment procedures.
  • We know the crypto market well. Our experience allows us to draw conclusions about the problems faced by investors and various ICO projects. Our goal is to create a leading decentralized platform for a wide audience, which would be supported by unique ecosystem and consumers, who would like to become active members of the crypto community and help implement ICO projects around the world.


The Rocket Coin Airdrop and Facts about the Rocket Coin

The ICO Rocket Airdrop is an action where we distribute free tokens to our Rocket Coin holders. To be an ICO Rocket Airdrop receiver, you only need to have a Rocket coin. The more Rocket coins you have, the more tokens you will get each month. We commit to transfer at least 10% of our customer’s tokens and all their unsold tokens. If there are no unsold tokens, our Rocket Coin holders will receive the minimum of 10% of our chosen ICO tokens.

The ICO Rocket creates the standard for the next generation of the best cryptocurrency to invest, which is developed by the talented developers of The ICO Rocket. We were able to establish a new hybrid coin consisting of airdropped tokens from our newest professionally managed ICOs. We are unique in one of the fastest growing markets and we expect a long-term success by bringing due diligence, analysis, fair management and transparency into the blockchain ecosystem. For our coin holders, we commit to allocating new ICO tokens each month, thus facilitating complex procedures and saving their time. These and other reasons make the Rocket Coin become the best cryptocurrency to invest.

Facts about the Rocket Coin:

  • There will be a total of 21 million Rocket coins. This is to ensure their value to be as high as possible.
  • ICO Rocket will burn all unallocated coins which prevent dumping of Rocket coins. Although it is very unlikely that there will be unallocated tokens left, but this will allow you to increase the Rocket Coin investment, making it the best cryptocurrency to invest.
  • The decentralization of the ICO Rocket ignites the peer to peer coin exchange which does not involve any third party service to hold the customer’s funds. Trades will occur directly between users with direct interaction between the two sides.
  • The ICO Rocket team is actively involved in crypto exchange listings. Rocket coin will be listed and traded on many different exchanges. This will ensure good visibility in the market and will keep the coin value at a high level on a long-term.
  • To successfully establish as the best cryptocurrency to invest, world famous names are ready to be the partners of the ICO Rocket. Ernst & Young are advising the bookkeeping and audit of the Rocket Coin. SmartDec helps with security while SecureVote is involved in the community government.

In order to achieve the goals of ICO Rocket and remain as the best cryptocurrency to invest, we strive to meet the needs and wishes of our clients and investors in the global marketing campaign. The ICO Rocket will carry out a large-scale market research, market targeting and segmentation, defining better pricing and long-term goals for the timeless development within the market.



Every ICO has a different story and the market is constantly changing, evolving and developing. Nobody really knows what will happen after a year or even a few months, so it’s important to understand that the best time is now. Who knows, maybe something will happen and the party will be over for everyone. There are more threats and warnings than rules, but we help to bypass them all.

The blockchain is a complex, adaptive system which requires all members of the community to be on the same wavelength. There are more and more challenges, but this is how this business works. It will take a lot of hits and bruises to become the best cryptocurrency to invest, but the reward can be worth it. Just remember that you are not alone in the ICO jungle. Together, with the help of our experience and knowledge, we can become that new best cryptocurrency to invest.

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